Conference & Exhibition Organizers

If you are not actively marketing your show abroad, you could be overlooking a vital source of exhibitors, attendees and revenue!

CEC has the experience, know-how and contacts to help boost your show’s visibility in the global marketplace. We assist organizers in many ways:

1. Build your international sales network.

CEC provides all services related to launching or improving your international sales program. By helping you identify the best foreign markets for your events, setting up sales agents in those markets, and attracting foreign exhibitors in the form of both individual companies and pavilions, which will generate additional revenue for your event.

2. Market to potential attendees worldwide.

Tapping into our deep well of contacts, CEC works with associations, buyer groups, government agencies and other organizations in your target markets to increase awareness of your show to potential stakeholders.

3. Take your show global.

We help package successful events to achieve the same success in international locations. It may seem like a daunting task, but with our extensive knowledge, CEC makes the process manageable. We can identify relevant partners, introduce you to key contacts, and guide you through the first show cycle.

In addition, Creative Expos & Conferences offers a full range of show production services:

  • Strategic planning
  • Reporting and communications procedures
  • Sales and marketing
  • Exhibition promotion campaign
  • Exhibit sales
  • Attendance promotion campaign
  • Media and press relations
  • Exhibit floor layout and design
  • Conference development
  • Speaker recruitment
  • Operations/Logistics
  • Sub-contractor selection
  • Registration
  • General consulting
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  • For venue owners and operators

International Venue Owners

Let CEC help you raise the profile of your facility among some of the U.S.’s top trade show organizers. We have in-depth knowledge of both association and for-profit shows. Relationships with organizers are the key to your success. With more than 55 years of collective management experience, we have the knowledge and connections in the U.S. and international markets to help you attract the top trade shows and exhibitions to your venue.

We can assist you with:

  • Attracting the U.S. market
  • Meeting active U.S. organizers and those with international potential
  • Making inroads with relevant industry groups and associations

Events and Trade Show Suppliers

We have spent more than 25 years assisting suppliers in our industry connect to show organizers and facilities operators, and developing their network, smarter business development, and sales pipeline.

Suppliers that have benefited from our services:

  • Registration Companies
  • Decorators
  • Exhibit Services
  • e-Service and Technology Providers
  • Transportation Companies
  • Show Equipment Rentals
  • Marketing & Communications Agencies

What to Expect:

  • Access to Show Organizers & Facilities Operators
  • Detailed Market Intelligence
  • Comprehensive Evaluations and Business Plans
  • Precise Industry Assessments

How Do You Profit:

  • Contacts at the Highest Level
  • Extend Market Share
  • Growth by Diversification
  • Reduce Business Development Costs
  • Increase Market Penetration
  • Realize Economies of Scale

International Executive Search

The conference and exhibition industry is truly global in nature; major players can be found on every continent doing business with partners around the world. If you’re involved in an executive search, chances are you’re interested in finding the right candidate for the job – regardless of where he or she may be based now. You don’t want to limit your search to the region where you’re located.

Drawing on the extensive network we’ve built over more than five decades in this global industry, we can help you find just the right executive for your organization.